Riverfront Park

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Riverfront Park is open to the public year-round and has become a favorite destination for residents and visitors. Set on the banks of the beautiful Cooper River, the park is adjacent to the historic homes once occupied by Naval officers who were stationed on the Charleston Naval Base, surrounded by graceful grand oak trees and peaceful river vistas. Bordered by Noisette Creek, the park boasts a magnificent contemporary Performance Pavilion and meadow.

Riverfront Park is home to the Greater Charleston Naval Base Memorial, erected in honor of the countless military personnel and civilians that served the United States and the Greater Charleston region while the Charleston Navy Base was operational. The Memorial is the only location in the United States that displays both the Lone Sailor and the Homecoming statues. RiverfrontPark is also the location of North Charleston’s Annual National Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition. A component of the North Charleston Arts Festival, the Competition and Exhibition features large-scale contemporary sculptures on display throughout the year.

Want to rent or reserve a facility at Riverfront Park? Call 843-308-4746 or email riverfrontpark@northcharleston.org. Learn more about Quarters K, North Charleston event rental space.

North Charleston holds its annual 4th of July Festival at Riverfront Park.