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The City of North Charleston has contracted with Carolina Waste to provide residential trash collection in Dorchester County.  A new roll cart, compatible with the equipment of Carolina Waste, is necessary for future collection.

New roll carts will be delivered by Carolina Waste to your home’s curbside between Monday, June 25 and Friday, June 29.  Your current City of North Charleston roll cart will be collected.

You will receive a notification in the mail stating your NEW pick up date.  On your collection day, place the cart no more than 3 feet from the street and at least 3 feet from any object, car, mailbox, etc.

General Sanitation information

Garbage and Trash pickup map

The Sanitation Division’s primary responsibilities are removal of garbage and trash.

The Sanitation Division is responsible for garbage and trash removal for all areas within the City limits and the North Charleston District.  All pickup schedules are modified for Holidays. Schedule changes are published in the local newspapers.  If you need to find your pickup day, call Public Works at telephone (843) 745-1026 or see the Garbage and Trash Collection Schedules.

The City does not pick up garbage from commercial or industrial establishments. Non-residential properties or businesses must provide for disposal of trash and garbage.

Physically challenged/disadvantaged individuals needing assistance with garbage or trash collection should contact Public Works at (843) 745-1026.

The City picks up all trash and garbage from City residents on the same day.

To request a service or provide notification of an issue, either call (843) 745-1026 or submit your concern online.

The City NO longer picks up E-Waste (TVs, computers, etc.)

The City will only pick up yard waste in paper bags for curbside pickup. Plastic bags for disposal will no longer be collected.

Holiday collection schedule