The City of North Charleston Municipal Court serves as the judicial arm of the city government. The Court is authorized to hear all cases arising under state or municipal codes that occur within the city limits.  The Municipal Court is located at 2500 City Hall Lane, North Charleston, SC 29406 on the 1st Floor.


The court is presided over by the Municipal Judges, one of whom is designated Chief Judge. The Municipal Judges are appointed by the City Council for specific terms. They are assisted by the Clerk of Court, and the Court clerical staff.

Clerk of Court

The day-to-day operation of the Court will be coordinated by the Clerk of Court/Court Administrator and the Assistant Clerk of Court, with the assistance of the City Attorney and Municipal Judges.

Types of Cases Handled

Violations of state or municipal codes are heard in Municipal Court. Typical cases include: DUI and other traffic offenses, shoplifting, assault, domestic violence, prostitution, malicious damage to property, petty larceny, disorderly conduct, and check law violations. The court also disposes of parking violations and code enforcement violations.


A daily sitting of court cases occurs each weekday morning at 8:30 am and continues until disposition of all pending cases are reached. Special courts are scheduled for cases involving Domestic Violence, Traffic Unit, Speed Team and Code Enforcement.

Online Services

The City of North Charleston Municipal Court is proud to bring online services to the residents of North Charleston and individuals who need the services of the municipal court through the case search click here.

Online Court Payments and Ticket Search

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For court more information, call (843) 740-2601 or fax (843) 745-1051.