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City Council

City Council Members and Districts

City council has the power and authority to make rules and pass ordinances respecting security, general welfare, and the convenience of the municipality and also for the preservation of health, peace, order and good government; all to be consistent with the laws of the State of South Carolina.

The City Council duties are as follows:

  • Exercise the corporate powers of the City
  • Considers and enacts legislation
  • Sets official City Policy
  • Holds public hearings on matters concerning zoning and grant funds
  • Approves franchises, enacts business license fees, and levies taxes
  • Adopts annual budget
  • Reviews and approves/disapproves requests for zoning

The regularly scheduled election of an at-large mayor and ten (10) council members from single-member districts shall be held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday of November of the year 2023.

The next election is on Tuesday, November 7, 2023.

Read about our elections from our Code of Ordinances.

Clerk of Council

The Mayor and City Council appoint the Clerk of Council. Duties are as follows:

  • Attends all meetings and generates minutes for Council, Council Committees and for other Special Events
  • Responds to Freedom of Information Act Requests, Provides issue research, makes travel arrangements and prepares agendas, reports and meeting notices
  • Notifies news media, public and other interested parties of meetings and Issue Status
  • Acts as liaison between City Council, the Public and City Departments
  • Handles job-related needs of Council members, the Executive Department and Legal Counsel
  • Interacts with other local government entities on behalf of Council
  • Maintains and assists in documentation of Municipal Code of Ordinances
  • Maintains monthly calendar for City Council meetings and events
  • May serve as Election Clerk for the City
  • Custodian of City archives and as Records Retention/Destruction Program Manager

The Clerk of Council’s Office is located in City Hall at 2500 City Hall Lane on the 3rd floor. For more information call (843) 740-2509 or email Courtnay Heyward at [email protected].