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Request to Speak at Public Meeting

Request to Address Council

Any person is entitled to address council during regular meetings concerning any matter on the agenda or any matter of city business. Persons desiring to address council must notify the municipal clerk in writing, giving their name and the item to be addressed, by 12:00 noon on the day of the meeting.

To address a matter in committee, an individual must place his or her name and the item to be addressed on a list to be maintained by the municipal clerk at least fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled beginning time of such meeting.

To speak, an individual must themselves contact the clerk. Third-party notifications do not warrant a right to address council.

The records identifying those persons requesting permission to address shall be available for public inspection. As to agenda items duly advertised or posted as the subject of public hearing, any member of the public may, without prior notice to council, comment on the advertised subject matter. Comments on personnel matters shall not be received nor shall personnel matters be considered by council at public meetings.

Each speaker is allowed (3) minutes for his or her personal presentation.

The total time allowed [under Section 2-41(a)] at any meeting shall be limited to thirty (30) minutes and speakers shall be recognized in the order in which they notified the clerk in writing as to regular council meetings or the order in which they signed the list as to council committee meetings.

Code of ordinance on the matter