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Stay Safe

9-1-1 is the number to dial if you are in an emergency situation. This is a free call from pay phones in the area. Call 911 for medical emergencies or any other type of emergency.

For non-emergency situations that require the North Charleston Police Department, call (843) 743-7200.

For non-emergency situations that require the North Charleston Fire Department, call (843) 740-2616.

The Greater North Charleston area has many terrific hospitals.  Trident Medical Center is located in the northern end of North Charleston, St. Francis is located west of the Ashley River, and the Medical University of South Carolina is located in downtown Charleston.  There are also a number of 24-hour emergency clinics scattered around town.

The United States does not have a national healthcare system, so as a traveler, make sure you have either traveler’s insurance or insurance provided by your government, before arriving in the USA. U.S. emergency rooms are required by law to admit anyone, but their is a costs for services.

You will see North Charleston Police Department officers in cars, on foot, or bicycle around town. If you need help or have a question, please ask an officer for assistance — they are there for you!