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Trials and Warrants

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Jury Trials

All jury trials are scheduled twice a month for a three-day term.

Jury Duty

Jury rosters are prepared from among the registered voters of the city. You may be excused from jury duty if you are over the age of 65 years. Further, the Municipal Judge may excuse you or reschedule for a later date for valid cause. All requests should be directed to the Clerk of Court.


Victims of crimes that are tried in Municipal Court may seek an arrest warrant by following these steps:

  • File an incident report with the OD (Officer of the Day) or obtain the number of the report if one has been previously issued.
  • Take the report to the detective division where an officer will be assigned to assist in drafting an affidavit in support of the warrant
  • Take the completed affidavit and other pertinent information to the Clerk of Court. The Municipal Judge will make the determination as to whether or not the warrant will be issued. There is no absolute “right” to swear out a warrant.