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Trash Collection – White Goods & Yard Debris

Garbage and Trash pickup map

Trash removal is accomplished throughout the City on a weekly basis.

Trash disposal is strictly regulated. Federal and State regulations provide strict disposal guidelines. Trash MUST be separated at curbside into four categories:

White Goods and Metal Goods including refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, window air conditioners, water heaters and similar items must be placed in a separate pile. For safety, refrigerators and freezers must be placed with the doors removed.

Furniture and Building Materials must be placed in a separate pile for collection. No more than ninety (90) gallons of building materials will be collected on any single collection day.

Logs, Limbs, Brush and Stumps must be placed in a separate pile. The size of such materials is limited to four (4) feet in length and six (6) inches in diameter.

Leaves and Grass Clippings – The City encourages home composting of leaves and grass clippings; however, leaves and grass clippings will be picked up if they are placed in paper bags in a separate pile. Plastic bags will NOT be collected. They are picked up on a weekly basis on the same day garbage is collected.

Concrete – the City will pick up no more than 3 cubic feet of concrete.

E-Waste – the City does NOT collect E-Waste curbside.  E-Waste can be discarded in a marked dumpster at the North Charleston Public Works Facility (beginning July 3, 2017).


Trash should be placed out no earlier than 48 hours prior to the scheduled pickup day.

The City can not pick up lead acid batteries, auto parts of any kind, shingles, or hazardous materials including batteries, paint, paint containers, oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, petroleum products and chemicals, bricks, tile, creosote treated items, large stumps and logs or pressurized containers.

The City will not pick up trash generated by contractors, landscapers, businesses or other non-residential trash generators.

To request a service or provide notification of an issue, either call (843) 745-1026 or submit your concern online.

Beginning July 3, 2017, the City will NO longer pick up E-Waste (TVs, computers, etc.)

Beginning July 1, 2015, the City of North Charleston will only pick up yard waste in paper bags for curbside pickup. Plastic bags for disposal will no longer be collected.

Holiday collection schedule

Trash Trailer Request Service

Residents are able to request a trash trailer be placed at their property for their use in disposing of the types of residential trash from their property that the City would normally collect curbside.

Trailers are delivered on Thursdays, Fridays on holiday weeks, and are picked up the following Monday.

Requests for a trailer must be submitted by Monday at 5:00 PM to be considered for delivery that week. Requests received after that time will be placed on the request list for the following week.

This free service is based on availability of trash trailers.  Public Works may deliver a maximum of 2 trailers in one week depending on trailer availability.  Requests that cannot be accommodated in a week will be placed on the request list for the following week.


The request form may be emailed to [email protected] or dropped off at the Public Works building at 5800 Casper Padgett Way.