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Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs are free programs and services tailored to reach our city’s youth, senior citizens, low-income residents, youth at risk, and other target populations.  Programs are coordinated throughout the year and are generally held on-site in schools and city-owned facilities.  Outreach services include active partnerships with groups serving people with disabilities, school and youth related committees, and collaboration with other city departments to coordinate joint programs. Over one hundred programs take place each year with an average of 15,000 participants.

After School Arts Enrichment Program

After SchoolThe City of North Charleston sponsors afterschool programs in twelve public elementary schools within city limits.  The City’s Cultural Arts Department contracts with professional artists and groups to conduct free classes for the students. Instructional hours may vary based on the school assignment, but most arts enrichment programs take place as [2] back-to-back hour-long sessions between 3-4pm and 4-5pm. A variety of visual art, music, dance, creative writing, and theatre classes are offered.  Teachers rotate to a different school on a bi-monthly basis. If you are interested in becoming a teaching artist for the After School Arts Enrichment Program, please submit the completed application and resume forms below to [email protected].

Teaching Artist Application   Resume form

North Charleston City Schools Resources

School ResourcesStatistics prove that children exposed to the arts benefit in many ways and the City of North Charleston Cultural Arts Department coordinates with school officials to bring the arts directly to the city’s public schools at no cost to the school districts, students, or their parents.  A variety of in-school programs are offered and feature professional local, regional, and national artists conducting workshops, performances, lectures and demonstrations. More than 10,000 students participate in these programs annually. The School Resource Book, which contains information on programs, artists, and how to participate, can be downloaded below.

School Resource Book 23-24 School Resource Book Participation Forms 23-24

Non-City Schools Resources

A variety of cultural arts experiences for tri-county area students are offered throughout the year, providing field trip opportunities and exhibition tours.

Arts Opportunities for Schools 23-24


Contact the Cultural Arts Department at (843) 740-5854 for more information on any of the above programs/services.