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Mobile Food Vendor Application for Fire Permit

Mobile food vendors have grown in popularity and have become a routine attraction at special events and local venues.  Our goal is to ensure these operations are conducted safely to ensure the continued operation of the business while reducing potential hazards that may threaten public safety.  Routine inspections will be conducted for mobile food vendors to identify and eliminate basic fire hazards and educate vendors on potential dangers while promoting a safe and livable community.


Category of Mobile Food Vendors:

A Mobile Food Vendors operating from a cart, trailer, vehicle, or similar who are not cooking or warming food and do not utilize any portable power, propane, or natural gas including caterers and canteens or similar who prep food off site and serve at an outdoor special event or gathering. This category excludes vendors who are selling commercially pre-packaged beverages or snacks, stocking vending machines, or similar activities.
B Mobile Food Vendors operating from a cart, trailer, vehicle, or similar who only warm or reheat food and/or utilize portable power or fuel systems.
C Mobile Food Vendors who conduct Mobile Food Preparation and cook food (produces grease-laden vapors) and/or portable power or fuel systems.


Mobile food vendor permits are authorized for one calendar year and will expire on April 30 of each year. The permit must be renewed every year to continue operating in the City of North Charleston.

Mobile food vendors who want to operate in the City of North Charleston should complete a Mobile Food Vendor (MFV) Fire Permit Application.

Part One of the MVF Fire Permit Application requests details regarding the mobile food operation and contact information.

Part Two of the MVF Fire Permit Application includes attaching the required documents.

Required documents include:

  1. City of North Charleston Business License
  2. DHEC Inspection Documentation
  3. Professional Hood Cleaning Report (if equipped)
  4. Hood Suppression Semi-annual Inspection or Maintenance Report (if equipped)
  5. Fire extinguisher annual maintenance documentation.
  6. Photos of all exterior sides of the vehicle
  7. Photos of the interior cooking area
  8. Mobile Food Vending Pre-Check List 2024 – 2025
  9. LP-Gas certification paperwork (Annual Inspection)

Permit Renewal

Operational permits will expire on April 30 of each year and may be revoked prior to expiration for a fire code violation. The mobile food truck operator is responsible for renewing the permit before the expiration date. To renew, follow the same process as a new application by completing the fire permit application for Mobile Food Vendors online at the website listed below and attaching the requested documentation for renewal to the online application.

Once the application is complete and submitted, the MFV application will be processed within ten business days. The MFV applicant will be contacted to schedule a final inspection and receive the MFV fire permit decal.  All Mobile Food Vending Unit inspections will be conducted at City Hall, 2500 City Hall Lane, by appointment only.

For additional information, please the Fire Marshal office at (843) 740-2625.