Extinguisher Training

Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher Use in the Work Place

This program is designed for all businesses in North Charleston through the fire department.  The class offered at your site is free of charge. This is a self-contained program using the Bullex propane-driven Fire Extinguisher System and NFPA Fire Extinguishers in the Work Place video.  The department provides firefighting professionals to train your staff.

The program is designed to be presented in two segments.  The first is a classroom section covering the importance of prevention and safety in the workplace and home.

Then the fun part, actually using a fire extinguisher. The truth is, unless we practice safety skills they are lost.  This is a safe, easy, non-messy way to reinforce a life saving skill.  The Bullex system uses water and air pressure to judge the effectivness of your extinguisher technique. The computer controls the fire according to the effectiveness of your extinguisher use. The class is designed to take about 45 minutes to complete.  This gives time for the classroom, hands on practice and questions. Classes are limited to 30 students per session.

The program can be enhanced to fit the needs of higher risk occupancies such as nursing home facilities, restaurants, medical facilities, industry and other assemblies.

To schedule a class, or for more information please contact Fire and Life Safety Educator Bianca S. Bourbeau or call (843) 740-2647.

How to Use a Portable Fire Extinguisher (PDF)
Outlines the proper fire situation assessment and action steps, and overviews the PASS method for using a portable fire extinguisher.

Statement on Class K Extinguishers (PDF)
Highlights the safety benefits of Class K extinguishers for commercial cooking facilities.

A Closer Look: Portable Fire Extinguishers (PDF)
Understand the benefits and proper use of portable fire extinguishers as part of a balanced fire protection plan.

Removal From Service of Obsolete Fire Extinguishers (PDF)
A guide for portable fire extinguisher placement and maintenance within a commercial building.

UL-299 Brochure – A Hands-On Guide for Inspection & Maintenance (PDF)
How to evaluate the condition of your fire extinguisher before recharging, repairing and conducting the six year maintenance.

UL-299 Flyer – Before Recharging, etc., Ask These Questions (PDF)
How to evaluate the condition of your fire extinguisher before recharging, repairing and conducting the six year maintenance.

Your First Defense When Disaster Strikes (CD)
An overview of NFPA 1126 (Standard for the Use of Pyrotechnics before a Proximate Audience), including challenges, the need for portable fire extinguishers, and historic case studies within nightclub settings.

Fire Extinguisher Education & Training (www.fireextinguisher.com) or CD
Educate and test yourself on the types of fires and fire extinguishers, rules for fighting fires, proper use, inspection and maintenance.


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