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North Charleston Fire Inspection Reports Online (IROL)

The North Charleston Fire Department has partnered with its chosen vendor, InspectionReportsOnline.net, as a required Web-Based Reporting Program for all area Service Providers performing Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance on Fire and Life Safety Systems in compliance with the South Carolina Fire Code section 901.6.3. This is part of our commitment to fully complying with our Fire Code and providing for the safety of the citizens of North Charleston, as these systems are the first line of defense in saving both lives and property.

This program has greatly assisted our department and community in the readiness of such systems and our overall compliance.

Types of Systems that are required to be submitted through Inspection Reports Online (IROL)

·        Initial System Commissioning

·        Annual Fire Alarm

·        Annual and Semi-Annual Hood Suppression

·        Semi-Annual Kitchen Hood Cleaning

·        Annual Smoke Control System

·        Annual Standpipe

·        Annual Fire Door / Smoke Doors

·        Annual Private Hydrant

·        4-year Fire and Smoke Dampers

·        Annual Smoke and Heat Venting

·        Annual Sprinkler (commercial only)

·        Annual Fire Pump

·        5-year Internal Pipe

·        Annual Emergency Generator

·        5-year Standpipe

·        Annual Special Suppressions Systems

·        Annual Emergency Radio Responder System

·        5-year Fire Escapes

·        Declined Service (No cost)

·        Annual CO and Gas Detection Systems


Who is responsible for maintaining life safety systems?

The property/building owner, occupant, manager, or another responsible party.

Am I required to have the inspection, testing, and maintenance of my life safety systems reported to Inspection Reports Online?

Yes, the North Charleston Fire Department requires that all service providers perform Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance on life safety systems in our jurisdiction report those to us using this platform.

As the property/business owner, what can Inspection Reports Online do for me?

This program allows you, the business/property owner, to register and receive any inspection performed at your location or multiple locations, all from one central, secure web platform. There is no fee to register or use Inspection Reports Online’s Report Solutions as a business/property owner.

Registration Information

Register as a property owner and learn more information.

Register as a service provider and find additional information.

When registering to participate in the Inspection Reports Online program, you will need our AHJ number: SCA11475.