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Tree Removal Permit

Permit Application

Application Process for Tree Removal

Process begins in the Zoning Department, which will need the following information to issue a permit

  • Building application filled with completed information (owner’s name, owner’s contact information, and contractor’s name, contractor’s information signed and dated).
  • Approval letter from homeowner’s association/civic league/architectural review board, if applicable
  • Identify the trees proposed from removal with appropriate markings (i.e. ribbon)

Once zoning completes their review they will forward the paperwork over to Building Department.  Building Inspections department will need the following information below with the information attached above to issue tree permit.

  • Photo ID
  • Property address
  • Completed application approved by zoning
  • Proposal/ contract with a detailed scope of work including the cost of materials and labor work
  • If the person coming in to get permit(s) is not the property owner/ contractor whose name is on the card they must have an authorization letter to pull permit (s) on behalf of the property owner / contractor.

Please contact Mary Cohen in Planning and Zoning at 843-740-2585 for a tree inspection


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