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Tree Removal Permit

Permit Application

Application Process for Tree Removal

Process begins in the Zoning Department, which will need the following information to issue a permit

  • Building application filled with completed information (owner’s name, owner’s contact information, and contractor’s name, contractor’s information signed and dated).
  • Approval letter from homeowner’s association/civic league/architectural review board, if applicable
  • Identify the trees proposed from removal with appropriate markings (i.e. ribbon)

The following is needed to pick up permit.

  • Photo ID
  • Property address/ ID #
  • Proposal/ contract with a detailed scope of work including the cost of materials and labor work.
  • Authorization letter – A letter of consent giving a contractor/ agent permission to pull permits for the owner or contractor.

Please contact Cheryl Fuller in Planning and Zoning at 843-740-2627 for a tree inspection