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Bloom Kit Program

What is the Bloom Kit Program? A volunteer or several volunteers can participate in the Bloom Kit Program. These volunteer(s) complete landscaping tasks in a North Charleston public garden for a minimum of twice per month.

Why should you volunteer? The gardens in North Charleston improve the quality of life for our residents, are educational, and are a sanctuary to local wildlife. Many visitors, both human and wildlife, enjoy visiting the gardens.

What do Bloom Kit volunteer sponsors receive for their service? Volunteer(s) will receive training on proper gardening techniques along with all of the supplies that are necessary to complete gardening tasks in the garden. Volunteer(s) are eligible for contests, prizes, and other awards that are offered through KNCB. Most importantly, Bloom Kit volunteer(s) make our community more beautiful.

PLEASE NOTE: KNCB staff are not on-site for Bloom Kit activities that are completed independently, and as such, staff cannot verify or sign off on volunteer or community service hours completed during these independent cleanups.

To sign up for the Bloom Kit program:

1 – Complete KNCB’s volunteer information form at the link included below. This form must be updated yearly by all KNCB volunteers. If you have completed this form in the past year, you may skip this step.


2 – Click the link below to register for the Bloom Kit program.


3 – Once you have registered, someone from the KNCB office will contact you to schedule a time for your training session and to pick up your bloom kit supplies.

4 – After each volunteer activity, please report your volunteer hours using our group post-event report, linked below. These post event reports are crucial in determining the impact of your efforts on a local, state, and national level. They help Keep America Beautiful, Keep South Carolina Beautiful, and the KNCB office to secure the sponsors needed to provide volunteer groups with free supplies.


Thank you for helping to make North Charleston bloom with beauty!