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Archives & History

The Cultural Arts Department works with city officials, city departments, various public sector and community based groups, and individuals to increase public knowledge of North Charleston’s unique history from early recorded history through today. The department also works as requested with city officials and contracted professionals on tourism development and other projects related to history, preservation, and aesthetics through the follow activities:

  • Overseeing a City Archives & History Room in North Charleston City Hall and managing the inventory/implementation/access system.
  • Collecting appropriate items, maps, photographs, documents, and publications that pertain to the area’s history.
  • Assisting various groups that are actively involved in the research, documentation, and highlighting the history as it pertains to our city.
  • Working to continue the placement of official state Historic Markers in the city.
  • Encouraging and supporting the incorporation of historic information/elements as appropriate in city facilities, parks, and private developments.
  • Developing additional means to highlight our history through web based information and product development.
  • Assisting in tourism development through participation in appropriate marketing initiatives and special events.
  • Offering support to history initiatives by other government entities, historic organizations, tourism organizations, and community and business leaders as appropriate from the regional to state levels.