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The Maintenance Division’s responsibilities include streets, stormwater, horticulture, traffic signals and signs, City buildings’ maintenance and the City garage.


The Streets Division maintains all City streets.  Not all streets within the City are maintained by City personnel. There are some County and State Roads maintained by others. If you recognize a problem and wish to report it, Public Works will channel your call to the proper authority.  The City’s street repair crews perform road patching and sidewalk maintenance.  These crews respond to problems in a 95-mile roadway system and, at times, emergencies in State and County roadways. Re-paving of City streets is accomplished through the Charleston County-directed Pavement Management System, funded through the State “C” fund program.

City crews also maintain the grass and landscaping of several State and County roads that serve as main arteries within the City.


The Stormwater Utility Division maintains all City storm drainage systems.  The City’s stormwater crews perform storm drain piping repairs and accomplish storm drainage ditch maintenance and cutting for the ditches within the City’s responsibility. They maintain about 120 miles of open drainage ditches, cutting and clearing over 35 miles of artery ditches on a regular basis. By city ordinance, open roadside ditches are the responsibility of the property owner. Tractor crews work in coordination with the ditch crews, cutting larger ditches.  The Stormwater section is also responsible for street sweeping.

Public Works plans, coordinates and oversees additional large drainage ditch maintenance and clearing projects and some ditch piping projects accomplished by Charleston County Public Works.

Traffic Signals and Signs

The Traffic Signals/Electrical Division is responsible for installation, maintenance and upgrades for the majority of traffic signals in the City of North Charleston.  The Traffic Signals/Electrical Division is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of all the electrical systems in the City Buildings and support facilities including gyms, community centers, fire departments, police stations, parks, playgrounds, ball fields, basketball and tennis courts and swimming pools.

The Signs Section is responsible for fabricating, erecting and maintaining all street signs through out the City of North Charleston, and stop signs and other traffic control signs on City maintained roads.

Street light maintenance is provided by South Carolina Electric and Gas and can be coordinated through Public Works.

Building Maintenance

The Building Maintenance Division is responsible for upkeep, maintenance and minor repair of the City’s buildings and support facilities, including gymnasiums, community centers, fire and police stations; also, parks and playgrounds, playing fields, basketball and tennis courts and swimming pools.

City Garage

This division is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of all City automotive, construction, allied and support equipment.  They maintain automotive equipment, construction equipment, fire trucks, generators and similar specialized equipment and support equipment items including weed eaters, chain saws and so forth.  Their primary concerns are to ensure all police and fire emergency vehicles are down for minimum periods and trash and garbage removal equipment is ready for service.

To request a service or provide notification of an issue, either call 843-745-1026 or submit your concern online.