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The Horticulture Division is responsible for the maintenance of over 300 acres of parks, playgrounds, community centers, and rights of way in the City Of North Charleston. This Division is comprised of Horticulture, Beautification, and Urban Forestry Sections.

Horticulture’s crews are responsible for beautification and maintenance of the City’s green spaces and enhancement projects. The Beautification Section helps to gather volunteers to participate in the area’s Clean Cities Sweep, which is normally held each year in April. Through its Keep North Charleston Beautiful Association, this section is actively involved in beautification efforts to include: organizing cleanups and planting projects with volunteers and community groups.

Part of the beautification efforts include the Flowerscape Program where groups can “adopt” flowerbeds located in the City. Urban Forestry is responsible for the maintenance, renewal, and protection of the City’s trees. The Horticulturist also works with the Planning Department to monitor and control unnecessary tree removal during residential and commercial development.