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Special Operations

The Special Operation Division, under the direction of Deputy Chief Scott Deckard, is comprised of the Special Enforcement Bureau and the Street Crimes Bureau. The division is responsible for the identifying and investigating of organized crimes such as narcotics, vice and drug money laundering.  This division has a broad array of other specialized services, including intelligence led investigations, dignitary protection, major accident investigations, and harbor patrol, among others.

Special Enforcement Bureau

The Special Enforcement Bureau has three units in the Field Operations Section, which are the Traffic Unit, Harbor Patrol Unit, and K-9 Unit. With the exception of the Harbor Patrol Unit, which reports to the Traffic Unit Sergeant, the units and teams are each supervised by a Sergeant. Three Sergeants report directly to the section Lieutenant.

The Traffic Unit is responsible for investigating traffic accidents, enforcing traffic laws, and promoting traffic safety within the City of North Charleston. The Traffic Unit is divided into a Day Team and Evening Team, each supervised by a Sergeant.

The Harbor Patrol Unit reports directly to a Traffic Unit Sergeant and is responsible for all maritime patrol, which includes ship escorts and boat safety, within the jurisdictional waters of the City of North Charleston.

The K-9 Unit reports directly to the K-9 Unit Sergeant and the unit is responsible for the care and maintenance of the department’s canines. The patrol canines, both German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, are dual-purpose trained in apprehension and narcotics detection, while one canine is trained in only narcotics detection and is assigned to the Narcotics Unit.

Street Crimes Bureau

The Street Crimes Bureau has two units in the Street Operations Section, which are the Narcotics Unit and the Intelligence-Led Policing Unit. The units are each supervised by a Sergeant, who report directly to the section Lieutenant.  This section also includes two task force officers and an Asset Forfeiture Administrator. These units and assignments are described as follows:

The Narcotics Unit is responsible for gathering and maintaining intelligence on criminal activity and conducting investigations involving drug, vice, and organized crime offenses.

The Intelligence Led Policing Unit, which is composed of mostly SWAT Team members, monitors repeat violent offenders and builds intelligence in an effort to reduce violent crimes committed by these offenders within the city. The Unit also focuses on locating and serving outstanding warrants on violent offenders and assists other department units in the execution of search warrants.

An Administrative Specialist is assigned to the Asset Forfeiture position within the Narcotics Unit and reports directly to the Narcotics Unit Sergeant. The Asset Forfeiture Administrator files civil actions for the forfeiture of money or property seized by officers of the department.

The department is a participating agency in the federal Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force and has a minimum of one officer assigned. The officer(s) assigned report directly to the Narcotics Unit Sergeant.

The department is a participating agency in the federal US Marshall Task Force and has a minimum of one officer assigned. The officer(s) assigned report directly to the Intelligence-Led Policing Sergeant.