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Executive Department

The Executive Department’s diversified staff includes the Office of the Mayor, Economic Development, Grants Coordinator, the Office on Education, Youth, and Family, the Office on Aging, Tourism Coordinator, Emergency Preparedness, and Risk Management.

Mayor’s Office

The Mayor is the chief elected and administrative executive of city government under Mayor/Council form of government.

Economic Development

The Economic Development department of the Mayor’s Office will assist any business wishing to expand or relocate to North Charleston including coordination with other municipal and governmental agencies. For more information call (843) 740-2520 or email Ryan Johnson.

Grants Coordinator

Numerous techniques have evolved to enable local governments to finance needed capital improvements and economic development strategies. There are numerous local, state and federal grants available for financing a large number of local programs including infrastructure, beautification projects and transportation improvements. For more information call (843) 740-2588 or email Shannon Praete.

Office on Aging

The Office on Aging assesses vulnerable seniors in our community to identify the risks of potential and or actual abuse/neglect, exploitation, safety hazards, and other typologies and addresses individual needs with the highest degree of patience and respect to all. Collaborates with families, hospitals, law enforcement, and other community partners to link services. Cases are managed and monitored until risks are minimized or eliminated. For more information call (843) 740-5820 or email Martina Davis.


An Ombudsman is an impartial dispute-resolutioner, whose major function is to provide informal assistance to citizens and to assist citizens with county concerns and request for service. The city’s Ombudsman receives and investigates concerns and requests for service, develops or identifies a range of responsible options to resolve problems and facilitate discussion, and helps citizens find alternative solutions and develop new ways to solve problems themselves. To contact the City’s Ombudsman, call (843) 740-5819 or email Teddie Pryor.

Tourism Coordinator

Performs professional work in the planning, organizing, and implementing tourism and marketing programs and activities to increase public awareness of and participation in City leisure and tourism opportunities.  For more information call (843) 740-5843 or email Amy Heath.

Risk Management

A structured approach to managing uncertainty through risk assessment, developing strategies to manage it, and mitigation of risk using managerial resources.  Functions include property/casualty and workers compensation activities, OSHA compliance and drug testing.  For more information call (843) 740-2525 or email Leslie Mitchum.

LGBTQIA+ Liaison

North Charleston has a designated LGBTQIA+ Liaison to be a resource to the community and ensure all voices are heard. If you are aware of anyone in need or anyone facing discrimination call (843) 740-2527 or email Julie Elmore.

Emergency Preparedness

Our Emergency Preparedness personnel advises city staff on operational and technical matters related to our emergency management programs.  In addition, policies and operating procedures are developed for the implementation of public safety programs and homeland security activities in the City of North Charleston. When needed, these plans and procedures are used in response to and recovery from natural and man-made disasters/emergencies such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, industrial accidents, terrorist attacks, etc.  For more information call (843) 740-2884 or email Delmar Johnson.

School Liaison

The School Liaison serves as a point of the contact for schools with the Mayor’s Office. For more information call (843) 740-2588 or email Shannon Praete.

Homeless Coordinator

The Homeless Coordinator within the Office of the Mayor assists individuals who are experiencing or are on the verge of becoming homeless by connecting them to resources within the community to assist with overcoming barriers associated with homelessness. The Homeless Coordinator also assists with linking individuals to drug and alcohol and mental health services.  The Homeless Coordinator works with local businesses and residents within the community to address concerns of homelessness. To receive more information call (843) 460-1609 or email Brandon Lilienthal.