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Indemnification Program

The Indemnification Form (sometimes called Demolition Form) is part of a program that is used by Code Enforcement to remove dilapidated structures in certain areas of the City that are low to moderate-income homes.

This program is offered to the citizens in North Charleston for their property that is located in the City. The program does not include the “Donut Hole” areas that the City of North Charleston enforces Codes and Public Service because the property is still considered County property. This program is made possible by a Federal Grant, which must follow certain guidelines. The property and its owner(s) must meet these and other regulations to qualify for assistance.

If the owner(s) qualify, then they must sign and agree to the terms in the Indemnification Form. In this form, the owner(s) is giving permission to the City of North Charleston to remove the structure(s) at no cost to the owner(s). The owner(s) still maintains possession of the property and after demolition of the structure, must maintain it as such. The City will provide all labor and materials, obtain and secure all permits, and monitor the job until it is complete. There is a time frame that also allows for the project to be terminated.

If you are interested in having a structure demolished, please call the North Charleston Code Enforcement office at (843) 740-2672.