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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is responsible for the enforcement of the Health and Sanitation Ordinances for the City of North Charleston. We work to educate and encourage the citizens of North Charleston to maintain a neat and clean appearance of the property where they live.

Our office can also enforce our Chapter 9 ordinances in the County areas within the corporate limits of the City of North Charleston. This was accomplished by the mutual agreement signing by the Charleston County Council and the North Charleston City Council.

Over the years Code Enforcement has worked close with other departments to “clean the City streets”. This effort is called the Neighborhood Enhancement Team, or as we call it N.E.T. This Team is made of several different City departments and other outside assistant type agencies.

For general inquiries, call (843) 740-2680.


What is considered a non-operational vehicle?

If the vehicle cannot be readily started, driven forward and backwards, then it is considered non-operational. Also the vehicle cannot be partially disassembled.

If the car doesn’t have a current tag, is it considered non-operational?

No. A current tag is needed if the vehicle is driven on the streets.

Can my neighbor be made to cut their tree hanging over on my side of the fence?

If the tree meets Section 9-67 (5) then Code Enforcement can address the violation.  Otherwise, in some instances you may cut the overhanging limbs legally as long as you don’t kill the tree, however such determinations are best made based on analysis and judgment from a private lawyer on a case-by-case basis.

Does my neighbor have to replace his fence that has fallen?

No. In a residential neighborhood, fences are not required. However, he must clean up the debris.

Can we get some assistance in getting a building taken down?

Code Enforcement receives Federal Grant money for the demolition of structures. Certain qualifications must first be met. Please call Code Enforcement at 740-2672, for further information.