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Programs and Services

Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention is responsible for coordinating educational material, seminars, and information to the communities. The Crime Prevention Officer conducts residential and commercial security surveys, presentations on crime prevention and associated topics to community groups and coordinating neighborhood watch programs. To contact the North Charleston Police Department Crime Prevention Officer and learn more about crime prevention, call (843) 745-1096.

Drug Tip Line

Many citizens are reluctant to report drug activity due to the fear of retaliation by the drug offender. Many citizens are not aware of whom to call regarding their concerns about drug activity. Now, North Charleston residents can call a 24 hour anonymous drug hot line to report illegal drug activities without the fear of being identified. The tip line is accessible for both English and Spanish speaking residents.

It's simple, just call (843) 308-4708 and follow the recorded instructions.

Endroge la Línea de Punta. Muchos ciudadanos son reacios informar la droga la actividad debido al frear de la venganza por el ofensor de la droga. Muchos ciudadanos no están enterados de quien llamar considerando su concierne acerca de la actividad de la droga. Ahora, residentes del norte de Charleston pueden llamar una 24 hora la droga anónima la línea caliente a informar las actividades ilegales de la droga sin el temor de ser identificado. La línea de la punta es accesible para ambos hablar inglés y español a residentes.

'S simplemente, llama apenas (843) 308-4708 y sigue las instrucciones registradas.

Taxi Cab Regulatory Information

The Mayor and City Council have enacted an Ordinance regulating the operation procedures of taxi cabs in the City of North Charleston.  Effective January 1, 2007, all  taxi drivers will be required to have a Taxi Drivers Permit in addition to a City of North Charleston Business License.  Applicants are required to obtain a copy of the complete ordinance, which can be obtained from the Taxi Regulatory Unit or the Business License Office.  For more information call 843-740-5824 or Business License Dept. 843-740-2639.

Citizens Public Safety Academy

The various departments that serve as public safety professionals within the City of North Charleston has found that education has been most effective in gaining understanding and support from the community. The Citizens Public Safety Academy offers citizens insight into how public safety professionals perform their duties as well as how they serve their community. A 10-week program.

Cops Athletic Program

Police officers coach and participate with youth of North Charleston in a wide variety of extracurricular programs, including basketball, lacrosse, powder puff football, karate, a spelling bee competition and more. The proactive program was initialed to inspire, educate and empower the young minds within our community with positive, lifelong educational experiences.


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