Our Mission

The North Charleston Fire Department exists  to improve and protect the quality of life within our service area  through education, prevention, and emergency response.

Our Values

  • Honor: To live up to and carry forward the noble traditions of our profession.
  • Courage: The physical and moral strength to venture, persevere, and overcome adversity.
  • Compassion: The desire to serve all in a time of need.

The Mission and Values are the foundation of this organization. The individuals who make up the North Charleston Fire Department will be guided by them in the accomplishment of organizational goals and achievement of NCFD’s Vision.  

Our Vision

We envision that by 2021 the North Charleston Fire Department will provide industry-leading operational performance through values-based service to our personnel and our community.

Strategic Goals

  • Manage the workload to increase job satisfaction.
  • Develop the workforce to provide operational performance in accordance with our values.
  • Improve internal communication to increase job satisfaction.
  • Improve communication with external stakeholders to enhance service to our community.
  • Provide personal and professional growth opportunities to increase job satisfaction.
  • Prepare for area growth through a standards of cover strategy to improve operational performance.  

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