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Our Mission

The North Charleston Fire Department exists to protect the quality of life within our service area from all hazards through prevention and emergency response.

Our Vision

We envision that by 2016, the North Charleston Fire Department will be know as an industry-leading agency that demonstrates best practices in emergency service delivery to our community.

Our international fire  accreditation will validate our commitment to continuous improvement in the effective, efficient, professional and fiscally-responsible services which we are trusted to provide.  In honoring our community's trust, we will be accountable to abiding by our values and apply them in all we do.

By investing in our human assets through workforce planning and by establishing comprehensive training programs, our professional workforce will be further enhanced and our organizational culture will reflect personal pride and teamwork. Improved internal communications processes will result in an environment of cohesion and understanding, while our expanded external communications will provide for an improved connection with our community and partners.  By utilizing a well-executed physical resource management plan and by implementing standards of coverage, we will be prepared and equipped to strategically deploy and meet the emergency response needs of our customers.

Through these efforts, we shall meet or exceed the expectations of our community and each other by holding one another accountable for carrying out our mission, living our values, and seeing our vision become reality.

Our Values

  • Teamwork - We recognize that we must work together to achieve our mission by uniting individual specialties and the unique strengths of each of us to achieve our common goals. 
  • Courage - In order to achieve worthy objectives, we willingly take calculated risks in the face of danger, difficulty, uncertainty or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected from the course of action that our duties require. 
  • Professionalism- We strive to uphold a professional image by the way we look, act and perform our jobs. We strive to further elevate the fire service as a profession through educational achievement, professional development and by contributing to the body of knowledge of the fire service. 
  • Honor - We seek to act in accordance with the noble traditions of our profession. We honor those who have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty by constantly working to improve safety and service excellence.
  • Dedication - We are committed to our mission, our department, each other and the community we serve. 
  • Respect - We strive to promote diversity and treat each other and those we serve with integrity, fairness, honesty and equality regardless of rank or status; always treating others the way we ourselves wish to be treated.
  • Compassion - We strive to achieve our mission because of our sympathy for those in distress and our desire to relieve their suffering.
  • Excellence - We strive to achieve and maintain the highest level of service through innovation, professional development and the continuous effort to improve.
  • Accountability- We recognize our obligation to accept responsibility for our actions in order to achieve continuous improvement and maintain the public trust.

NCFD Strategic Goals 2011-2016

  • Acquire and maintain the facilities, equipment and apparatus that are needed to deliver service excellence to our customers
  • Achieve consistent, safe, and effective performance in all areas of operations and management through a comprehensive training program.
  • Align the organizational culture with the stated values of the department.
  • Effectively communicate pertinent information within the department and to external stakeholders.
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive Human Resources Management Plan.
  • Foster relationships with external stakeholders that will further the mission of the NCFD.
  • Prepare for, pursue, achieve and maintain international accreditation.

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