Sub-Contractor Form

Subcontractor List

You must certify that the Subcontractor list contains all sub-contractors associated with this project. I will notify the Municipality/County of any changes that occur.

If the work is being performed by employees of the General/Prime contractor, please indicate EMPLOYEES.  Employees are defined as individuals for whom Social Security taxes and income taxes are withheld by the General/Prime contractor and a W-2 is issued to them. If a General Contractor (licensed with the SC State LLR’s commercial contracting board) is overseeing this project, we will only need the state license information for the alarm system, plumbing , heating & A/C, electrical, gas, building sprinkler, asphalt paving, land surveying & mapping and engineering & testing given that all other scope of trades fall under the license classification the general contractor.

Harvest Festival and Block Party

October 25 on East Montague from 4pm until after dark, the Harvest Festival and Block Party features live musical performances, art and craft booths, costume contests and children's activities.


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