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How to Rent a Facility

Rental Fees by Facility

Please contact the below facilities and staff for questions regarding rentals at each location. Only the facilities listed below are rentable.

Jump castles are permitted at the events provided the jump castle company can supply the City with a copy of their Liability Insurance prior to the event.  The jump castle company must provide their own generator.  No water slides are permitted.  No alcohol nor loud/lewd music is permitted on city property.

Riverfront Park Rentals

For information on renting Riverfront Park, call (843) 308-4746.

Perry-Webb Community Center

3200 Appleton Ave
Contact Evelyn Brown – (843) 308-4735

Collins Park

4115 Fellowship Rd
Contact Wanda Hiers – (843) 745-1028

Felix Pinckney Community Center

4790 Hassell St
Contact Robert Fludd – (843) 745-1036

Gethsemani Community Center

2449 Beacon St
Contact Ida Taylor – (843) 308-4733

Jeanene Batten Community Center

3742 Dorchester Rd
Contact Robert Fludd – (843) 745-1036

Midland Park Community Center

2429 Midland Park Rd
Contact Robert Fludd – (843) 745-1036

Miner Crosby Community Center

3901 Paramount Dr
Contact Robert Fludd – (843) 745-1036

Ralph M. Hendricks Park

5250 Virginia Ave
Contact Wanda Hiers – (843) 745-1028

Thomas M. Evans, Sr. Community Center

7801 Dorchester Rd
Contact LoAnn Blanchette – (843) 760-4289

Wescott Park

9006 Dorchester Road
Contact Eddy Barwick – (843) 767-0782

Wescott Rental Information