…and guiding principles

The City of North Charleston envisions its future as a sustainable and resilient community
…..where the quality of life is enhanced by connected communities and equitable access to gathering places;
…..where growth and development have been planned to respect natural systems and connect its people to nature;
…..where a vibrant and diversified economy provides employment opportunities to all residents;
…..where residents and visitors can move around and connect with necessary goods, services and activities using diverse transportation options.

As such, this Plan is based on the following Guiding Principles:

1. Livability and Quality of Life

As the City grows, ensure a high quality of life city-wide by enhancing and connecting communities and building well-designed neighborhoods, encouraging infill and redevelopment and providing accessible new gathering places within communities throughout the City.

2. Sustainable Growth and Resiliency

Balance growth impacts with the needs of the environment to ensure sustainability and resiliency.

3. Economic Opportunity

Support a vibrant and diversified economic climate that provides an equitable range of employment opportunities, retains existing businesses and attracts new businesses.

4. Mobility and Connectivity

Connect residents and visitors with employment, shopping, educational institutions and activity centers through safe and efficient multi-modal regional transportation systems

Framework for Success

A blueprint for sustainable land uses and development patterns

The Future Land Use Map therefore is a framework for many of the goals and policies in this plan. It is a guide for land use decisions and informs where public investments will be needed. The City’s Future Land Use Map prioritizes infill and redevelopment of land to promote greater sustainability and connectivity in all areas of the City.

Future Land Use Map