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Population & Demographics

No surprise that all three counties – Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester – are growing in population exponentially. The City of North Charleston, located within each County, is no different. Planning to manage the future growth that the City experiences will be necessary by efficiently and judiciously promoting land use decisions that can accommodate rapid intensification of population.

Municipal Population Growth

  • North Charleston, as the third largest City in South Carolina, has grown from just over 60,000 in 1982 to over 110,000 (77%) since 1980.
  • Almost 40% of that growth has occurred since 2000.
  • Based on a 1.7% average annual population increase experienced over the past 5 years, North Charleston’s population is projected to grow another 45%, reaching over 160,000 residents, by 2040.
  • Most of North Charleston’s growth has occurred in its Northwestern quadrant, or Planning Area 3, where new developments have evolved reaching up into Dorchester County.

Current Population Snapshot

  • The median age of City residents is 32.2 years, with the largest age group being ages 25-29.
  • The City’s population is approximately 47% African American, 45% white, and 8% of other races or two or more races.
  • Of the City’s residents, 10% identify themselves as Hispanic or Latino.
  • North Charleston’s median household income was just under $40,000, meaning half of the City’s households earned less than $40,000 per year in 2016. By comparison, the tri-county region has a median household income of approximately $55,000.
  • Approximately 20% of individuals or families in North Charleston earn less than $25,000 and are considered to be impoverished.

Input Prompt

What elements of the City’s population do you think will be most impacted by continued growth and have needs to be addressed?