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Natural Resources

In planning for the future, the City of North Charleston has to consider the opportunities, constraints and impacts associated with its natural resources. Due to the City’s proximity to the coast, low elevations and abundance of rivers and streams exist throughout the City.

  • Small areas with sensitive natural resources have been placed under permanent conservation easements
  • A handful of individual parcels have been purchase as “greenbelt” properties to remain as permanent open space.
  • Not all existing development or infrastructure (e.g. 526) are located outside of environmentally sensitive areas
  • Conservation of natural resources can mitigate impacts of stormwater runoff from new development

Input Prompts

  • What are the biggest issues the City faces related to conservation of its natural resources?
  • Does the City do enough to minimize or mitigate impacts to environmentally sensitive areas from development or infrastructure improvements?
  • To what degree should the Plan update address sea level rise and flooding?
  • How publicly accessible should conserved areas of natural resources be?