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William Koons named NCFD Employee of the Month

To become Employee of the Month in the North Charleston Fire Department, one must be nominated by a superior for exemplary work, selfless actions that directly benefit a resident’s life or the safekeeping of a business, or undertaking additional self-motivated activities to aid in the improvement of the fire department.

The following is from the nomination letter from Captain Joseph Caddell:

I nominate Firefigther William Koons for the employee of the month. I believe he deserves this recognition because he consistently going above and beyond his duties for the betterment of the department. A few examples of this is back in August 2014 Firefighter Koons believed that the JRPAT lines needed to be repainted. So with the approval of Chief Phillips and myself he went out and received quotes for paint and a line sprayer to paint the JRPAT lines. He also coordinated the effort to paint the lines once the equipment came in but was unable to do so due to unforeseen complications. Once again in February 2015 FF Koons, with the approval of Chief McDowell, took it upon himself to clean up the training hill and make it look better for the upcoming JRPAT for potential employees. He coordinated this effort with his Battalion Chief to noticably improve the conditions and appearances of the facilities for the convenience of visitors.

I believe these efforts go along with many of our values as an organization such as teamwork, professionalism, dedication, excellence, and accountability. By taking it upon himself to coordinate these efforts, facilitate the appropriate equipment, he made the image of the fire department better.  Firefighter Koons cleaned up an area where many other fire service personal and external customers come to train and visit, showing pride and dedication he has for the organization and fire service. This is why I believe Firefighter Koons deserves this recognition as the employee of the month.