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Wanda Miller named NCFD employee of the month

To become Employee of the Month in the North Charleston Fire Department, one must be nominated by a superior for exemplary work, selfless actions that directly benefit a resident’s life or the safekeeping of a business, or undertaking additional self-motivated activities to aid in the improvement of the fire department.

The following is Assistant Chief Cindy Killette’s nomination submission for Deputy Fire Marshal Wanda Miller:

I recognize Deputy Fire Marshal Wanda Miller for her outstanding work with the Senior Care Program.  The North Charleston Fire Department launched the Senior Care Program in April of 2014.

The Senior Care Program is our newest program reaching out to our senior citizen population in high-risk neighborhoods. The program includes home safety checks, installation of stove-top fire suppressors, testing and replacement of smoke alarms as necessary and sign up for the Vial-of-Life program, an informational communication device that provides emergency workers with potentially lifesaving medical information.

Wanda has been instrumental in over-seeing this program and has completed the installation of nearly all of the 1000 sets of stove top fire suppressors in the homes of North Charleston residents.  Wanda has taken this program to heart, she spends one-on-one time with our seniors and makes additional phone calls on their behalf when she comes across seniors who need extra care or help.

Since the program started, Charleston Consolidated Dispatch has launched the Smart 911 Program and Wanda has integrated this program into our Senior Care Program.  She takes the time to help families input all of the information that is needed for the Smart 911 Program into the signup database.  I have seen Wanda meet with families after her duty schedule, call on family members when she has concerns and provide them with assistance through other agencies when needed.  She sincerely cares about the people that she meets throughout her day.

Wanda also works with Kim Ford, who oversees the Mayor’s Office on Aging.  Mrs. Ford needed assistance with moving an 85-year-old lady who was visually impaired, who was being evicted from her apartment in July, 2015.  Wanda, with the assistance of other members from the fire department, was able to move all of this ladies belongings to a warehouse until they were able to find another home for her.  Mrs. Ford made contact with Wanda again later that same month to help move this ladies belongings out of storage.  I received an email from Mrs. Ford commenting on the tremendous job Wanda did in providing this assistance and also with the Senior Care Program.

Wanda continues to display her dedication to the City of North Charleston through her service to the business owners and residents of this great city.  She truly personifies our organizational values and displays the diligence and drive to accomplish the mission and vision of the North Charleston Fire Department.  It is for the reasons, that I am nominating Deputy Fire Marshal Wanda Miller for employee of the month.