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Violent, non-violent crime down in North Charleston

Our agency is pleased to inform you that both violent and non-violent crimes have decreased in our city, which is excellent news for our community. For the first three months of 2024, violent crime has decreased by 3%. While there have been four murders this year, which is one more than the same period last year, it’s important to note that the number of aggravated assaults has decreased by 5%. However, the number of aggravated assaults with firearms has increased by 1%. On the other hand, the number of rapes has significantly decreased by 23%, which is an encouraging sign. Unfortunately, robberies have increased by 10%, and business robberies have increased by 67%.
Moving on to non-violent crime, it has decreased by 7% for the first three months of this year. Specifically, burglaries have decreased by 6%, with business burglaries decreasing by 50%, which is excellent news.
We would also like to highlight that gun arrests have increased by 6%, which shows our commitment to keeping our community safe.
Additionally, DUI arrests have increased by 84%, and narcotics arrests have increased by 26%, which shows that we are taking a proactive approach to address crimes related to substance abuse.
Our officers will continue to work tirelessly to maintain a safe and secure environment for all the residents and citizens in our city.