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Three new officers graduate from Criminal Justice Academy

We are thrilled to announce the graduation of three outstanding officers from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy – Ptl. Brooklynd Cole, Ptl. Graham Hille, and Ptl. Fernando Nunez. This achievement marks the beginning of their journey with our agency, and we extend our warmest congratulations to them as they join our team.
During the graduation ceremony, we were honored to have Capt. Corey Holt, Deputy Chief Scott Perry, Chief Greg Gomes, Capt. Andrew Glover and Sgt. Brandon Brooks in attendance to witness this significant milestone. It is with great pride that we welcome these new officers and look forward to the valuable contributions they will bring to our organization.
Special recognition goes to Ptl. Graham Hille for receiving the prestigious JP Strom Award, a testament to his dedication and excellence in academics. We also commend Ptl. Brooklynd Cole for his remarkable leadership as the Class Leader and for conquering the Challenge Run with skill and determination. Our agency is privileged to have such exceptional individuals on board, and we are excited about the promising future ahead with them on our team.