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Solarize North Charleston

The City of North Charleston became a leader in the Solarize South Carolina Campaign with its proclamation launching “Solarize North Charleston.”  The proclamation kicks-off a partnership between the City of North Charleston, Solarize South Carolina and the nonprofit SmartPower.  The city is now the first community in the Lowcountry to officially participate the new statewide residential solar power initiative.

Solarize South Carolina is a community outreach program designed to help North Charleston residents go solar and save on electricity costs. When 60 or more North Charleston residents sign a contract for solar before December 15, 2015, the City will earn a free 5 kW solar system for any of its municipal buildings.

Solarize South Carolina is an initiative of the nonprofit organizations SmartPower (www.smartpower.org) and solar financing company Dividend Solar. Solarize South Carolina’s goal is to outfit 2,000 homes across the state with solar over the next 18 months. Operating statewide, the program has aims to triple the amount of residential solar, which would cultivate personal investments and create jobs.

“North Charleston has always been South Carolina’s forerunner when it comes to sustainability,” said North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey.  “Clemson’s wind turbine testing facility, Boeing’s 10 acre roof of photovoltaic cells, and green development awards from National League of Cities and the Home Depot Foundation are a few examples why Solarize North Charleston is a perfect campaign for our city.”

North Charleston has received the National League of Cities Award for Municipal Excellence for sustainable revitalization, Home Depot Foundation’s Award of Excellence for Sustainable Community Development, and Green Builder Magazine named North Charleston as home to one of the nation’s Top Green Developments.  The Solarize South Carolina campaign in North Charleston will further build on these achievements.

Solarize North Charleston will accelerate the adoption of solar and increase public awareness of new solar-friendly state rules that allow net metering, giving significant financial advantage to residents who go solar.

“North Charleston’s residents are savvy, and as conscious about their wallet as they are the environment,” continued Mayor Summey. “Lower bills through solar energy achieves both simultaneously. Solarize South Carolina allows our homeowners to take advantage of recent incentives offered by SCE&G that make going solar even more attractive.”

The Net-Metering program from SCE&G credits the renewable energy producer at the same rate the utility charges for service. The excess energy that is not used by the producer is then pushed back into the energy grid at the same rate. The newly enacted Net-Metering 2.0 will still credit the producer at the same rate, but will now buy all produced energy at a wholesale rate.

Solarize South Carolina makes it even easier for residents to go solar by offering a zero-down financing option to make solar more affordable, allowing homeowners to save immediately on energy bills. By signing up on the Solarize SC website, homeowners will be able to quickly find out if their home is compatible for solar with a free, no obligation solar assessment by a pre-screened local installer.  Residents should check “North Charleston” under Affiliation to ensure that the City gets credit for customers who go solar.

“If you have ever thought about going solar, there’s never been a better time,” said Jim Kubu, Community Outreach Manager for Solarize South Carolina. “With North Charleston’s leadership, low cost financing and all our neighbors joining in this community campaign, going solar just makes sense!”

Solarize North Charleston kicks off with its first event at the Felix C Davis Community Center, Park Circle, on Monday August 17th 2015 at 7:00pm and Monday August 31st 2015 at 6:00pm. For more information about Solarize South Carolina and Solarize North Charleston, contact Solarize South Carolina Community Outreach Manager Jim Kubu at [email protected].