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Sgt. Riley, Ptl. Aguilar awarded “Certificates of Recognition”

Join us in celebrating the exceptional achievements of Sgt. Jerrid Riley and Ptl. Jennipher Aguilar. This February 2024, we are honored to award them “Certificates of Recognition” for their remarkable initiative and steadfast dedication. Their leadership in organizing the “Day of Thanksgiving” event, in close partnership with our Cops Athletic Program, truly exemplifies the spirit of service and compassion that defines our community.
Through their tireless efforts, they successfully coordinated the distribution of 300 cooked turkey meals, along with frozen turkeys and various other essential items, directly to those who needed them the most. Demonstrating an exceptional level of diligence and care, they ensured that every aspect of this endeavor was executed flawlessly, from the initial pick-up of goods to the final packaging and distribution. Their actions went far beyond the expectations of their duties, showcasing a profound dedication to our community’s well-being.
Congratulations, Sgt. Riley and Officer Aguilar, on a job exceptionally well done! Your dedication inspires us all, and we are truly grateful for everything you do.