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Sam Gadson named Firefighter of the Year

The North Charleston Firefighter of the Year is awarded annually to one member of the organization who exhibits superior performance, great initiative, respect and professionalism in each aspect of his job.  This year’s recipient demonstrates these attributes as well as our organizational Values.

2014 Firefighter of the Year – Sam Gadson

Sam Gadson is an active member of the North Charleston Fire Department with more than 24 years of service, most recently serving as Captain of Station 6-B.  Captain Gadson is passionate about the North Charleston Fire Department and his love of the organization resonates as an active member of the hiring committee; where he assists in the hiring of future leaders for our department.  His dedication to the ideals set forth in our Mission, Vision, and Values Statement is evident in how he conducts himself and how he supervises the crews assigned to him.  He is respectful and professional with all he comes in contact with and is willing to offer a helping hand to those who are in need.

Captain Gadson is highly respected within the department.  He serves as a role model to many young members who look up to him as they aspire to promote to positions of greater authority.  His mentorship abilities are evident through the development of many successful and respected Company and Chief Officers.  He has willingly accepted challenging personnel assignments to ensure the equitable treatment of all involved and his guidance has turned troubled employees into active and productive members of the department.

Captain Gadson’s fire ground knowledge, skills, and abilities continue to develop with the modern day fire service.  His knowledge and extensive experience benefit him as a Company Officer, Acting Battalion Chief and Incident Commander.  He cares deeply about the firefighters under his command and is able to achieve fireground objectives while ensuring the safety of his personnel.  Captain Gadson has earned the trust and respect of all who know him and his strong character serves as example of what a fire officer should aspire to be.

It is for these reasons that Captain Sam Gadson has been selected as the NCFD ‘s Firefighter of the Year for 2014.