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Red Nose Day – Chief versus Chief

Red Nose Day comes once a year, and so does a friendly competition pitting North Charleston’s police and fire chiefs against one another.  We’re going to find out which chief is the most red. Police Chief Driggers versus Fire Chief Bulanow.

Upping the stakes, to the unfortunate loser, they’ll be getting a special blast from a red paint filled super soaker on Thursday, May 25 at 1pm at City Hall for not be “red enough.”

To participate, stop by the Mayor’s Office and drop a dollar in a jug for your favorite chief and get your very own red nose.

Chief Bulanow is here to save the day, one nose at a time.

Chief Driggers is hiding out among his favorite North Charleston Creative Arts Elementary students, can you spot him?

Money raised will support local non-profit efforts.

Who do you think is the most festive Red Nose Day Chief? Let us know on Twitter at www.twitter.com/northcharleston and Facebook at www.facebook.com/northcharleston.