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Ptl. Searles honored as “Employee of the Month”

Please join NCPD in congratulating Ptl. Lucas Searles, who received the “Employee of the Month” award for April 2024 for arresting a suspect allegedly involved in multiple business burglaries. On April 17, Ptl. Searles conducted a proactive patrol in response to increased criminal activity in the area.
During his patrol, he noticed a man, later identified as a suspect in three separate burglaries, sitting near a dumpster Ptl. Searles was permitted to search the suspect and his backpack. Inside the backpack, Ptl. Searles located approximately 80 packs of unopened cigarettes, a set of keys used by businesses for locked compartments, and a collection of unopened lighters, cigar rolling papers, and batteries.
The suspect couldn’t provide a satisfactory explanation for how he obtained these items. As a result, he was handed over to detectives and promptly charged with multiple counts of Burglary 2nd degree. Great work, Ptl. Searles! Your dedication to keeping our community safe is truly commendable.