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Our History: Ann Morris, “The Beautiful Rebel”

Ann Elliott Morris was best known as “The Beautiful Rebel” in Charleston during the Revolutionary War for her defiance to British rule and her attachment to republican principles.

Her most noteworthy act of sedition occurred while her then fiance, a colonel in the Revolutionary Army, was visiting her home.  Black Dragoons surrounded her home in search of the young officer. Before the search could commence, Ann went to the window, opened it, and demanded to know what they wanted.  When they shouted, “Went want the rebel!”, she replied “Go look for him in the American army.” and slammed the frame shut.  The King’s forces withdrew.

While Charleston was occupied by the British, Ann wore a bonnet decorated with thirteen small white plumes as a token.  Deriving from her rebellious actions and her patriotic spirit came “The Beautiful Rebel.”

Ann Elloitt Morris, and her husband Col. Lewis Morris, owned Accabee Plantation.  A predominant African-American community is now located where the plantation once stood.