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“Online Exchange Zones” created for citizens buying & selling items

The North Charleston Police Department will offer three “Online Exchange Zones” where citizens can meet to conduct online buy/sell transactions.  The designated Online Exchange Zones will be under 24 hour video surveillance.  Nationwide, there have been numerous social media transactions where the buyer has been a victim of a crime.  North Charleston Police Chief Eddie Driggers said, “By creating these exchange zones, it is our hope that the potential for robbery and fraud will be eliminated.”

The three cameras were donated to the department by Fire House Subs.   The parking space will be marked “Online Exchange Zone”.   The locations of the Online Exchange Zones are:

  • North Charleston City Hall – 2500 City Hall Lane
  • North Charleston Police Department South Bureau- 3401 Rivers Ave
  • North Charleston Police Department North Bureau 7272 Cross County

Although these areas are welcomed to be used for online transactions, citizens should exercise good judgment when conducting any transaction. If a seller refuses to meet at one of the three locations, citizens may want to re-evaluate the sale/purchase.

Transactions involving the sale or purchase of firearms are prohibited.

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when conducting such transactions:

  • Do not go to a transaction alone
  • Make sure a friend or family member is aware of the transaction details
  • Be extra cautious when buying or selling valuable items such as vehicles and jewelry
  • Trust your instincts, if it sounds like a scam it probably is
  • If somebody is not willing to come to the police department to do a transaction it is probably not a legitimate transaction.