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Officers take Verbal Judo course to help de=escalate conflicts

Our officers have completed a training program known as Verbal Judo, an innovative approach to communication that arms our officers with the essential skills to manage and de-escalate conflicts and potential violence effectively. This training is not just about talking but about engaging with empathy, understanding, and strategic communication to ensure that every interaction is handled with the utmost professionalism.
The core of the Verbal Judo training involved role-playing exercises, which are crucial for practical learning. This hands-on approach has given our officers the confidence to implement these strategies in real-life situations, ensuring they are prepared to calmly and professionally navigate even the most challenging interactions. It’s about turning potential confrontations into positive outcomes, emphasizing respect, listening, and a thoughtful choice of words.
We believe that Verbal Judo will be an invaluable tool for our officers. This program goes beyond mere conflict resolution; it fosters a culture of respect and understanding, both within our ranks and in our interactions with the public.