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Officers honored for busting car theft ring

Ptl. Andrew Marshall and Ptl. Harvey Patterson, two shining stars in our agency, have truly exemplified dedication and excellence in their recent efforts to dismantle a car theft ring plaguing North Charleston dealerships. Their unwavering commitment to protecting the community has not gone unnoticed, as they have been rightfully awarded “Certificates of Recognition” for their outstanding work in January 2024.
The officers responded to an attempted Grand Larceny of a high-end sports car from a dealership on January 8, 2024. During their investigation, they recovered a cell phone and carefully noted the tampering with the vehicle. The next night, Ptl. Marshall responded to another attempted theft of three vehicles from a different dealership. Ptl. Marshall and Ptl. Patterson meticulously gathered crucial evidence that would prove instrumental in cracking the case wide open. Their keen attention to detail and quick thinking paved the way for a breakthrough in the investigation.
Through seamless teamwork and relentless determination, the duo’s efforts culminated in the apprehension of multiple suspects responsible for stealing numerous high-end vehicles from dealerships. Ptl. Marshall’s swift actions in locating fleeing suspects and securing vital search warrants, coupled with Ptl. Patterson’s astute observation leading to a suspect’s capture underscores the invaluable contributions of these exceptional officers. Their exemplary work serves as a beacon of hope and safety for the community, showcasing the best of law enforcement’s commitment to justice and protection.
Congratulations to Ptl. Andrew Marshall and Ptl. Harvey Patterson for their remarkable achievements – a true testament to their professionalism and unwavering dedication to serving and safeguarding the public.