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Officer of the month for May, Pfc. Alexander Wilkinson

Please join us in congratulating NCPD’s officer of the month for May, Pfc. Alexander Wilkinson. On May 3rd, Officer Wilkinson responded to an auto break-in. After meeting with the victim, Officer Wilkinson dusted the vehicle for fingerprints and lifted several from the door. He then obtained video of the incident from a nearby business. Officer Wilkinson was able to get the suspect, the vehicle description and a partial tag,. He then put out a BOLO for the vehicle. The next evening, Officer Wilkinson was patrolling the Northwoods area when he saw a vehicle matching the description. When the suspect agreed to a frisk for weapons, the suspect put his hand on the officer’s vehicle. Pfc. Wilkinson dusted that area of his cruiser and lifted a print that matched the prints he lifted from the victim’s vehicle. A warrant was issued for the suspect’s arrest the next day. NCPD is so proud of Officer Wilkinson for a job well done!