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North Charleston City Gallery to exhibit works by Rick Austin & George Gregory

The City of North Charleston’s Cultural Arts Department is pleased to announce that concurrent solo exhibitions by local artist Rick Austin, and Columbia based artist George Gregory will be on display at the North Charleston City Gallery from August 3-31, 2017. The artists will host a free public reception at the gallery on Thursday, August 3, from 5:00-7:00pm.

ick Austin
Local artist Richard “Rick” Austin presents Observations, a collection of landscape paintings that showcase the atmospheric quality of light in the natural world. Born and raised in rural upstate New York, Austin spent much of his childhood exploring the woods of the Adirondack Mountains. His affection for the peace and beauty of the natural world is communicated in his paintings. Influenced by the 18th century Impressionists and the 19thcentury Tonalists, as well as early American illustrators, Austin uses a glazing technique, applying thin layers of color suspended in oil. This “creates an almost translucent effect,” Austin explains, “much the same way nature paints with light and atmosphere.”

After four years in the Navy, Richard “Rick” Austin attended the Art Institute of Boston, majoring in Illustration and Fine Art. Upon graduating, he developed a commercial art and illustration studio in northern New York while teaching art classes for the New York State Council of the Arts. He went on to lead the Communications Design Department at Clarkson University, manage the multimedia department for an international marketing corporation, and work with land developers to create branding materials and 3-D architectural renderings before retiring in Folly Beach to paint full-time. Rick Austin’s artwork has been exhibited at Spencer Art Gallery and Ellis Nicholson Gallery, among others. Learn more about the artist at www.AustinsArtGallery.com.

Pixel-ed Images Mixed media works by George Gregory
Mixed media artist George Gregory presents Pixel-ed Images, a collection of images produced using a combination of craft and fine art materials. “Since childhood, I have embraced materials considered part of the arts and crafts world,” the artist explains. “It’s a way for me to combine my childhood experiences of crafting with my grandmother and spending time with my carpenter father while he worked.” Pushpins, sequins, beads, and thread come together to create images that have a pixelated look but a tactile quality. “The relationship between hard and soft plays an important role in my work. This is demonstrated through the materiality of fiber and wood… I pay homage to my father and grandmother by incorporating the same materials that played a part of my childhood.”

George Gregory received a BFA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2008 and an MFA in Sculpture from The Ohio State University in 2011. Since then, he has exhibited widely in solo and group shows, most recently in Pointillist Revival at City Art in Columbia, SC, and in Glimmer at USC Upstate in Aiken, SC. Learn more about the artist at www.GeorgeTGregoryJr.com.

The North Charleston City Gallery is situated in two corridors of the northwest corner of the Charleston Area Convention Center, located at 5001 Coliseum Drive in North Charleston. Parking and admission are free. Gallery hours are Tuesdays 12-5pm, Wednesdays 11am-5pm, Thursdays 11am-7:30pm, and Fridays 11am-5pm.  Inquiries regarding the artists or purchase information may be directed to the North Charleston Cultural Arts Department at (843)740-5854. For information on additional exhibits, programs, and events, visit the Arts & Culture section of the City’s website.