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Nicholas Sooter named Firefighter of the Month

A lot of hard work goes into the fire service, much of which is never seen by the public.  Day in and day out, our firefighters are training, planning and debriefing, so when a fire occurs, they are as prepared as possible to effectively and safely handle the incident.  That’s where Firefighter Nicholas Sooter steps in at his fire station for Tower 202.

Firefighter Sooter has taken ownership of pre-fire plans for Tower 202, ensuring the plans  follows appropriate protocols and he ardently inputs the plans into a database to be utilized by the entire fire department.

Showing additional initiative, Sooter eagerly volunteers to assist his Captain with quality checks of simple incident reports, such as cancelled enroute calls, fire alarms, and basic medical assist calls.  Familiarity with all facets of the fire service make any firefighter better at their job.

According to Captain Charles Springs, Sooter’s superior, “He never hides from work and is constantly working with junior members of the station and department. He projects a positive and professional image to the public and is a valuable asset to the department.”  For Sooter’s demeanor while on the job and initiative to improve himself and the Fire Department, these are the reasons he was named Firefighter of the Month.