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NCPD welcomes Officer Megan Singleton

Today, we welcomed a new member, Officer Megan Singleton, to our police agency. We were honored to witness her swearing-in ceremony, which was led by Deputy Chief Johnson.
The ceremony was personalized with familial pride and warmth, making it all the more special. Officer Singleton’s seven-year-old son, Ronin, took part in the ceremony in a way that pulled at the heartstrings of all present.
Dressed as a miniature police officer, Ronin proudly pinned his mother’s badge onto her uniform, symbolizing not just the start of Officer Singleton’s journey with us but also the deep personal commitment and family support behind her. It was a sight that underscored the close-knit nature of our law enforcement family and the community we serve.
We are thrilled to have her on board and are confident in her ability to be a positive force in North Charleston. Welcome to the NCPD family, Officer Singleton. Here’s to a future where your contributions impact the lives of the citizens we are sworn to protect.