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NCPD unveils new reality training system

Today, NCPD proudly unveiled our new, cutting-edge virtual reality training system, the VirTra simulator. This state-of-the-art system is meticulously designed to elevate the training of officers, ensuring they are fully prepared for active shooter situations, domestic violence calls, and other high-stress scenarios.
The new system offers a nearly 360-degree environment that faithfully replicates real-world settings such as movie theaters, courthouses, and school campuses. It empowers officers to engage in dynamic training scenarios, where their decisions directly influence outcomes in real time.
The simulator is housed in our agency’s top-notch training center on the campus of Trident Technical College, providing an exceptional venue for our officers and recruits to hone their skills.
In addition, they have a crisis house where officers can experience reality-based scenarios which offer realistic experiences that will provide them the necessary tools to win and survive the potential critical conflicts that they may encounter.