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NCPD Pfc Joshua Quick Receives Gold Star Award

On Wednesday, Pfc Joshua Quick was presented Trident Medical Center’s Gold Star Award for his generosity and service to mankind.

On 11/24/2015 Pfc. Quick was working in an off-duty security capacity at Trident Medical Center. During his tour, he encountered an individual discharged from the hospital whom had missed his ride home. After Pfc. Quick spoke with him it was revealed that the individual had no money and was hungry. During this time the cafeteria at the hospital was closed and the meals round were hours away before breakfast could be served to him.

Pfc. Quick generously went to the Waffle House just down from the hospital and purchased a meal for the individual. He brought it back to him and ensured that he did not go hungry. This act of kindness; the day before thanksgiving, was observed by several nurses at the hospital. They took it upon themselves to submit Pfc. Quick for the Gold Star Award.

This serves as just one of the selfless acts that Law Enforcement Officers continue to do to show their love and respect for our community. Job well done Pfc. Quick.