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NCPD officers attend Hostage Negotiator conference in New York








Capt. Andrew Glover, NCPD Hostage Negotiator Commander and Sgt. James F. Ryan III, NCPD Hostage Negotiator Team Leader, traveled to New York City to attend the 5th Annual NYPD Hostage Negotiator Conference. The three-day conference at the NYPD Police Academy brought together expert lecturers from North America and Europe and was attended by over 300 hostage/crisis negotiations professionals from around the world.
Extensively addressed during the conference were various techniques to peacefully resolve potential violent situations involving the many cultures in the United States, from generational issues to different religious backgrounds and countries of origin. Additionally, mental health professionals lectured on the various 21st century challenges of mental illness and substance abuse in regards to crisis resolution. The information presented will help NCPD’s Hostage Negotiator team in crossing cultural divides that can hinder negotiations in order to better serve the citizens of North Charleston.
Special thanks to the men and women of the New York City Police Department for the tremendous hospitality shown toward their guests from South Carolina. #PathForward