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NCPD officer awarded for saving two lives

Please join our agency in congratulating Ptl. Jeremy Maurer, who received two “Lifesaving Awards” for April.
On February 15, Ptl. Maurer sprang into action after Paramedic Nate Goppert experienced a medical emergency. Goppert’s condition worsened while sitting in a wheelchair and waiting in line to be seen at Trident Medical Center. Ptl. Maurer took Goppert to the emergency area for treatment and briefed the nurses on his condition. It was discovered that Goppert had a stroke and was experiencing a brain bleed. Goppert said that if it hadn’t been for Officer Maurer’s quick response, he may have died and credited the officer for saving his life. It was Goppert who nominated Ptl. Maurer for the award.
Ptl. Maurer received a second “Lifesaving Award” for saving the life of a choking infant. Officer Maurer responded to a call for service at the home and noticed the baby was unresponsive and not breathing. Ptl. Maurer managed to clear the infant’s airway, and the child responded. Charleston County EMS transported the baby to a hospital for treatment.
Ptl. Maurer, we are so proud of you for a job well done in saving two lives!